Simply Naked

Wine drinkers like to have fun. Duh, we’re Thirsty Girls. 73% percent of us are drinking wine on a Saturday night. Cheers to that. But did you know as you roll into the weekend, you’re not only stripping off the stress of your work-week and obligations, you may also being doing so with your wine. I mean why not, everything is better naked!

Simply Naked Wines are proud to introduce the latest to their collection, Undressed Red. This unoaked red table wine is not only silky and jammy but perfect for those consumers who demand a lighter red that’s fruit forward and dry. The decision to unoak the wine comes with the mindset of letting the fleshy tastes of plums, cherries and jam balance the wine’s tannins to create a smooth finish and lasting mouth feel. Simply Naked couldn’t get any better. This wine works perfect for those of you who like to cook, and drink, and cook while you drink.

After Simply Naked and KRC conducted a study in Spring of 2012 (check out all the fun and interesting items about Simply Naked consumers) their mission was to create and market a wine that spoke to their consumers. “Wine drinkers like to have fun: these sassy individuals describe themselves as playful and confident and love to sip in social settings with friends, family and love-interests. Furthermore, wine drinkers like to get their flirt on – especially while drinking a glass of wine – and are more likely to describe themselves as free-spirited compared to non-wine drinkers and agree everything is better undressed.”

I think they hit the  nail on the head. Cheers!

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5 Responses to “Simply Naked”

  1. Avatar of renwine renwine says:

    whoever wrote this; Excellent choice of words… I now cant wait for 5pm to buy a bottle of Simply Naked and relax with my husband!!

  2. Avatar of jana jana says:

    some of my favorite wine! I love the chardonnay!

  3. I am going to see if I can find this locally. I’ve seen some of the other Simply Naked wines.

  4. Avatar of bethcm bethcm says:

    I think Simply Naked needs to be wearing a ThirstyGirl cap! I’m looking for this wine on my next stop to the Liquor Store :)

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