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Join Thirsty Girl for our monthly #TGTaste twitter chat, Wednesday, October 10th at 5 pm/PDT 8 pm EDT sponsored by Columbia Crest H3 Les Chevaux Red Blend and H3 Chardonnay and winemaker Juan Muñoz Oca.

About Columbia Crest

Not familiar with Columbia Crest? Columbia Crest Winery opened more than 25 years ago as a small winery in a relatively unknown region and has become one of the leading forces in Washington state by establishing a world class winery and region.

In 2009, Wine Spectator, one of the most influential wine magazines, named the Columbia Crest 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon the No. 1 Wine in the World. Equally noteworthy is that this is the first Washington wine to fill the top spot in Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 wines of the world ranking. Receiving this prestigious accolade was not only a historic moment for Columbia Crest, but for all wineries in Washington. “We have always believed that the region is among the best wine-producing areas in the world, and this reinforces that belief.”

“Washington state is a very special place to grow grapes for many reasons,” says Muñoz Oca. “An excellent climate combined with ideal soils and passionate, knowledgeable people equates to the ability to craft high-quality wines. The last ten years in Washington have been the most meaningful to me, I fell in love with the wine and the people, and that’s why I’ve been here since.”

About Winemaker Juan Muñoz Oca

Winemaker Juan Muñoz Oca was raised in Mendoza, Argentina, Muñoz Oca came under the tutelage of his grandfather, cellar master at Bodegas Toso winery, at a young age. The older man instilled in him a love and respect for wine, as well as for his family’s Spanish culture, that was to become the root of a lifelong passion for winemaking. Muñoz Oca picked his first grapes at the age of eight.

“I’ve been involved with grapes since I was a little boy – my grandfather was in the industry and his father was in the industry – it’s all I’ve known,” says Muñoz Oca. “Winemaking has been in my family, it’s in my blood, it’s what I do, and it’s who I am.”

What sets Columbia Crest apart is their pursuit to use old world techniques that are uncommon for such a large winery. From the 10,000 barrels of Chardonnay that are hand-stirred weekly, to the Reserve wines that are made in the Petit Chai, a separate “winery within the winery.” Giving the best products, at the best prices, for our Thirsty Girls. Why wouldn’t we want to #TGTaste with them!

About Heaven Horse Hills

The Horse Heaven Hills or “H3” wines are made from fruit grown in the Horse Heaven Hills appellation and showcase the unique terroir of the growing region. Vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills are unique because they are comprised of diverse microclimates that produce different fruit structures with underlying uniform characteristics. For example, the cooler climate vineyards produce fruit with mineral undertones while fruit from the warmer climate vineyards contain slight earth and dust elements. These variances allow our winemaker to blend wines that capture the true essences in the bottle.

According to local historical records in 1857 rancher James Kinney was camping in the range of hills in south-central Washington. When he woke up to discover his herd had wandered up a mountainside and into an upland plain where they were munching on succulent bunch grass. “Surely this is Horse Heaven,” Kinney commented. The area has been known as the Horse Heaven Hills ever since.

Food and Wine Pairings

H3 Chardonnay: With characters of vanilla, orchard fruits and oak flavors, Chardonnay pairs well with rich foods, but does not lend itself to salty, spicy, or smoky foods. Cream sauces and mushroom sauces, over chicken or grilled pork chops are good choices. Also lobster, salmon or fresh Dungeness crab with lemon work well.

H3 Cabernet Sauvignon: Tomato-based sauces such as Bolognese and Puttanesca, intensely and richly flavored foods such as grilled meats, braised lamb shanks or pot roast, and strongly flavored cheeses.

H3 Les Chevaux Red Blend Food Pairings: Foods with complex flavors match the complexity of red blends. Pepper steak, well seasoned beef or lamb, rich stews, pâtés and strong cheeses such as blue cheese and stilton, are great pairings.

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