Sparkle, That’s What It’s All About

Cara Leyba Alwill, one of our favorite New York Thirsty Girls hasn’t recently published her first book, Sparkle: The Girl’s Guide to Living a Deliciously Dazzling, Wildly Effervescent, Kick-Ass Life.

And she does.

In her novel, an embodiment of her wildly successful blog, The Champagne Diaries. As women, we have become professional self-critics. We’ve become so convinced by society that we need to attain a level of perfection that just isn’t real. Whether it’s trying to get skinnier, look younger, get that promotion, please our parents, get fuller lips or rid ourselves of cellulite — we’re on a never-ending mission to change and it always winds up making us feel like crap. Instead, why not focus on all the fabulous qualities we already possess? There is so much to celebrate when we look at all our accomplishments. In this straight-up girlfriend’s guide, lifestylist and wellness coach Cara Alwill Leyba encourages women to discover what makes them sparkle so that they can design the lives they desire and deserve. So raise your glass and toast yourself. You’re about to start shimmering, shining and dazzling every day!

Because isn’t everything better when it sparkles?

“I’m so excited to share this book with women everywhere. I put my heart and soul into every bit of it. Worked tirelessly through rejection, fear, and uncertainty, but always believed in myself. I may have gotten knocked down but I always stood back up and that is the message I want to convey to readers. YOU are stronger than you ever imagined. Accept and appreciate every part of who you are and watch yourself sparkle!” – Cara

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9 Responses to “Sparkle, That’s What It’s All About”

  1. Avatar of jana jana says:

    I think I need this book :)

  2. Avatar of redall redall says:

    Jana – it should be the signature book of Cocktails Curing Cancer, right?

  3. Just bought it. Will comment on it once I start reading. Love the title though.

  4. Avatar of Shawnie Shawnie says:

    OOoohh I LOVE Sparkles so I have to support and check this out!

  5. Avatar of thecardchic thecardchic says:

    How did I not see this sooner! I need to check it out as I love to Sparkle!

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