Motivational Mondays

Monday, Monday! Need a little kick on the butt to get moving this morning? Still feeling the weekend of parties, sun and relaxation? Every Motivational Monday we’ll be sharing stories, women and mantras about living your “thirstiest” life.

Thirsty Girl Mantra #1 via Head TG Leslie Sbrocco, “Don’t take yourself too seriously!” What is your mantra today?

7 Responses to “Motivational Mondays”

  1. My mantra for today is to not get frustrated over possible travel delays getting home from a great weekend in Austin, TX! Cheers!

  2. Avatar of redall redall says:

    Mine has always been “if you can’t be a good example, be a dire warning…”

  3. Avatar of jana jana says:

    Women who behave rarely make history

  4. Avatar of jana jana says:

    There’s always a silver lining.

  5. Avatar of jana jana says:

    Don’t take yourself too seriously is a mantra I’m adding to my list ;)

  6. Avatar of prqueen prqueen says:

    Life is Grand, Glorious and even Joyous!!

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