Q & A with Thursday Thirsty Girl Marlynn Jayme Schotland

Marlynn Jayme Schotland lives by the motto “Live Loudly. Love Fiercely. Respect the Bacon.”As the writer of UrbanBlissLife.com, she focuses on modern, fresh, and fun finds, tips, and ideas in the areas of food, wine, entertaining, design, and the sometimes elusive work/life balance. She finds bliss in helping others create their own happiness in business as well as life, and that includes managing a salesforce of amazing mom entrepreneurs for the Portland division of Plum District. She also handles social media management and identity design for small businesses through her design & communications studio, Urban Bliss Design; Urban Bliss also has a petite online boutique that sells Mama Calling Cards, iPhone cases, cards, and printables, including wine labels.Marlynn is a leader in the mom entrepreneur movement, having founded the former Power MOB (Mom-Owned Businesses) in early 2006, a professional organization where she helped connect, educate, and mentor more than 400 mom entrepreneurs. She also speaks at conferences and hosts workshops on topics including work/life balance, mom entrepreneurship, time management, social media for small business, and blogging.

Marlynn’s greatest bliss is her family, including her husband, two young kids, and dog.

Why are you a Thirsty Girl:
I’m a Thirsty Girl because I live everyday quenching an enthusiastic thirst for living life at full speed. I have an insatiable passion for so many things and have created a life where I absolutely am passionate about everything I do and I LIVE what I LOVE. Drink it up, and enjoy!

Location: On the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, right on the edge of beautiful Oregon Wine Country.

Title: Regional Manager for Plum District Portland. Owner of Urban Bliss Media. Blogger, UrbanBlissLife.com. Mom Entrepreneur Evangelist. Social Media Strategist & Graphic Designer. Woman of Too Many Titles.

Drink of choice: Oregon wines, of course! My husband and I joke that we can never move anywhere else in the world because of the incredibly vast & varying offerings of delicious local fare, microbrews and wines. My favorite local wine: 2008 Ponzi Reserve Pinot Noir.

Idea of happiness: A sunny day spent on local farms & vineyards with my husband and kids. An afternoon baking sweet treats with my kids. A house full of friends & family, good food, good wine, and so much laughter and excited chatter that the neighbors get curious. Helping others find the courage to create their own happiness.

Greatest extravagance: My private jet. Just kidding! Delicious dining experiences. Fabulous food & drink with even more fabulous company & conversation is the greatest luxury of all; I’ll take happy experiences over expensive ‘stuff’ any day.

Who would play the lead in a movie about you: My daughter. She just turned 5, but she can play me pretty well.

Five things you canʼt live without: My family, good girlfriends, laughter, technology (cell/laptop/camera), a positive attitude. (wine is a given, right?

5 Responses to “Q & A with Thursday Thirsty Girl Marlynn Jayme Schotland”

  1. Avatar of jana jana says:

    love her sense of humor!

  2. You had me at bacon and “Woman With Too Many Titles!” Love it!

  3. Avatar of Winepugnyc Winepugnyc says:

    Great interview! You have so much passion and energy who can’t help but be inspired by you! Keep it up! Love the blog as well!

  4. Avatar of redall redall says:

    Love her idea of happiness!

  5. Avatar of Val Val says:

    One of these days Marlynn and I will finally meet in person. We only live a couple hours apart lol I have had great conversations on twitter and FB over the years with her. We night owls tend to get a little goofy in the wee hours. I love following her exploits and she’s the reason I found TG ;)

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