Spring is in full swing and what better time to taste and talk Riesling…#TGTaste, April 18th

Join Thirsty Girl for another great  #TGTaste twitter chat, April 18th at 5 pm/PDT 8 pm EDT sponsored by Chateau Ste. Michelle (CSM)- the Riesling lover’s wine.

We’ll be sipping these popular CSM Riesling’s along with wine bloggers from all of the country, including resident wine expert and Head Thirsty Girl, Leslie Sbrocco and CSM Winemaker Wendy Stuckey.

What will we chatting about?  How about ideas on what to pair with these crisp, fresh, wonderful wine’s, as well as anything else that may “spring” up!

These chats are always fun and lively.
Here’s the wine’s we’ll be tasting.

2001 Dry Riesling $9
2010 Eroica Riesling $20
2011 Harvest Select Sweet Riesling $9

Note to self about Riesling, especially those made from Washington state.

  • Riesling is Diverse:  No other wine can be made in such a wide range of styles…from bone dry to decadently sweet. (Chateau Ste. Michelle makes up to 8 different Rieslings to showcase the versatility of Riesling and the regional styles within Washington.
  • Washington State Riesling – The Columbia Valley of Washington state produces more Riesling than any other American wine growing region.  Although Riesling is synonymous with the growing regions of Germany, Alsace and Austria, it finds an idyllic home in Washington state. Riesling grapes benefit from the warm days and cool nights during the growing season in the Columbia Valley. Warm, sunny days fully ripen the grapes and bring out the variety’s incredible aromatics, while cool evenings preserve the crisp acids essential to quality Riesling fruit.
  • Taste Profile Scale: Have you ever noticed the simple scale on the back label of CSM Riesling designed to show the exact style of the Riesling in the bottle from dry to sweet?  What did you think? Was it helpful when choosing a style of Riesling?  (Note: CSM Dry, Columbia Valley and Harvest Select Sweet Rieslings feature the scale on the back label.)
  • Ageability of Riesling: Many people don’t realize that Rieslings are very ageable wines.  Among Old World Riesling producers of Europe, Riesling is renowned for its capacity to age beautifully for decades. For centuries, aged Rieslings have been the benchmark of quality.
    Here’s a great video of winemakers Bob Bertheau and Ernst Loosen discussing the beauty of aged rieslings.
  • Riesling as a GREAT food wine: Riesling is an easy-going, yet immensely flavorful wine that offers tremendous versatility with a wide range of food pairings.   Riesling’s crisp natural acidity and slight sweetness makes it a great match with Sushi, Asian dishes, spicy Indian curries, Mexican food, crab, scallops, seafood, mild cheeses, fresh fruit…and much more!The “My Pairings” section on the Chateau Ste. Michelle website talks about pairing Riesling with food.

Recipes, Recipes, Recipes:

Here are a few Riesling pairing recipes from CSM Executive Chef Janet Hedstrom.

Jalapeno Tequila Shrimp
Kung Pao Chicken Wontons
Grilled Oysters
Smoked Sea Bass on Potato Pancakes
Spicy Pumpkin Soup
CSM Riesling Poached Pears

There is a wide selection of recipes and pairings on Chateau Ste. Michelle website’s Wine & Food section.


Wendy Stuckey Chateau Ste Michelle WinemakerHere’s some info on winemaker Wendy Stuckey:
Wendy Stuckey Twitter handle @stemichelle
Wendy’s BIO

At the end of the #TGTaste Chateau Ste. Michelle will be selecting one random participant for a cool prize!

TG Taste is a sponsored program. Wineries/companies pay a fee to Thirsty Girl LLC and each company legally sends product samples to the majority of bloggers/writers. There is no guarantee of positive comments by the tasters during the hour-long twitter taste. The opinions of the bloggers are their own and the conversation is moderated by Thirsty Girl staff. Anyone may join in and express their views on the wines.

Need help joining the conversation? Our social media guru Janet Fouts has put together a tutorial. Click here for instructions.

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  1. I tried to download the Harvest Riesling link and it wouldn’t work, so I searched the site and found a link that works here: http://www.smwe.com/files/FileResource/10028/CSM_FS_11_HS_SweetRiesling.pdf Cheers!

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    The scale on the back of CSM rieslings is why I tried riesling to begin with. I’m still branching out to try different varieties. These gave me more information on the label than any other wine out there. Riesling is easily my favorite wine right now because of it’s versatility. CSM has been my favorite and is my go to. I also love supporting the locals ;)

    Thanks for the informative chat last night. I’ll look forward to more.

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