The New Luxury

I love blind wine tasting. Usually because I’m a fan of undiscovered “cheap” wines. The word cheap has a bad rap. The power of blindly tasting wine is, often times a lower valued wine will out-taste a higher valued wine. Bingo.

I’ve been frugal since the day I was born. In fact, I think it’s a genetic trait I’ve been passed via my father’s family. With the recent tides of our economic market over the last few years, being frugal became chic. Another adjective I use to describe myself, happens that now, both are in fashion.

Last week at a blind wine tasting of Lapostolle’s Cuvée Alexandre, wines from Chile, I had the pleasure of hearing a luxury expert (did you know there was such an occupation?) talk about the notion of “New Luxury.” New luxury is what we’re living right now. In simplest forms, new luxury is the buying of goods that are worthy of our hard earned dollar. Basically the education to know when to spend, and on what. An educated cost-benefit for luxury items.

Above all, we all want quality and excellence. With consistency. We value the mastery of craft, whether it’s cheese making, wine making, home building, etc. We expect more if we are going to pay more, we invest.

In wine buying and drinking this means more educated consumers aka more educated drinkers. The sales of bottles in the $20 range are rising, people want wine with heritage, place, value, and taste.

These are the same people that appreciate the $10 wines and the $50 wines, we just know how and when to spend the money. A bad economy may have just made for a better wine world, who would’ve thought?

Three tips for finding new luxury:

1. Check out new regions. Not necessarily “New World” but undiscovered. Chile, Sicily, South Africa to name a few.
2. Buy by the case. And store the wine. Like a bottle in a range your usually not buying in, say $20-$25? Buying in bulk saves about 10-15% a case. If it’s good, you won’t mind drinking it again.
3. Wine taste with a mission. Ever eat out and can’t remember a great bottle you hand? Or go wine tasting and after the 3 vineyard remember nothing but a good times and wine and no specifics? Take pictures on your phone to remember bottles. Or just buy at the vineyard – cutting out the middle man equals cheaper prices.

Never blind wine tasted?
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5 Responses to “The New Luxury”

  1. Avatar of redall redall says:

    I have an app on my iphone that will specifically store photos of wine I have at restaurants to buy later…
    Just wish I had more room to store wine!

  2. I wish I had more room to store wine as well, but I think I’m definitely learning to find quality wines at all price points.

  3. Avatar of ninalita ninalita says:

    I love to have wine with my dinner while eating out, but it’s not always possible, given the cost of a bottle of wine at restaurants. Some of our local restaurants (in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area) will allow you to bring in a bottle of your own wine and charge you a “corkage fee” for uncorking it. I often find that even with the $10 cost attached for corkage, the wine is still cheaper than if I bought it at the restaurant.

  4. We also have BYOB now in Virginia. It’s great.

  5. Avatar of renwine renwine says:

    New Luxury indeed! I used pay high dollar… now when Bev & More have the 5 cent sale, I try some bottles the ones I love I go back and buy a case.

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