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After a successful #TGChat last night to celebrate International Women’s Day (which is today, March 8th!) we suggest you throw a party. Today’s Thursday Thirsty Girls, Kimberly Belle and Erin Fritch of The Dinner Belle, are the best in the business at elegant bites, atmosphere, and style.

The Dinner Belles are experience makers. Kimberly Belle and Erin Fritch bring a unique set of artistic talents to the table. Both have rich performing arts backgrounds with dual BFA’s from NYU, and both are fueled by the creative experience. Their custom-tailored menus and customer-driven service emphasize the personal touch The Belles lend to every event they cater. From gourmet to girl-next-door, Kimberly and Erin guarantee New York tastes better with Belle!

Kimberly Belle, Executive Chef/Owner

Kimberly Belle brings a decade’s worth of culinary and professional experience to the table. Having studied cooking in Italy and New York City, Belle has poured her passion for food in her catering business and food/media entertainment projects. Specializing in comfort chic cuisine, Chef Belle’s menus offer a distinctive balance where seasonally driven gourmet ingredients meet girl-next-door recipes.

Having previously trained and taught as a tenure-track writing professor, Belle is also the creator and author of the popular food blog A New York centric foodie destination on the web, Belle’s blog offers loyal readers a platform to search her recipes and get the inside scoop on farmers’ market trends and Dinner Belle happenings. When not blogging, Belle can be found publishing her work as an international freelance writer for the foodie publication Spice magazine, and has been written up by the national press in The Daily News, Epicurious and PMc Magazine.

Belle dreams of developing a series of seasonal cookbooks, an all-natural line of Wake Up Naked breakfast bars, and collections of both organic linen aprons and food-inspired fragrances. She is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and has been awarded a Master’s Degree in American Studies from the University of London.

Erin Fritch, Event Coordinator/Owner

Erin Fritch uniquely merges her skills as an entertainer with sharp business smarts and a wealth of experience planning and executing some of the cities most innovative events. Fritch has worked for many of New York’s high-end catering and food service companies, including Great Performances and Restaurant Associates, and has learned the ropes in dozens of event spaces, from Ellis Island to The Whitney Museum, The National Arts Club, The Park Avenue Armory and even The United Nations. This experience, combined with her theatrical background, make her events one-of-a-kind in their originality.

An exceptional food stylist, with a studied eye for detail and presentation, Fritch recently received acclaim from People Magazine’s Senior Editor, David Caplan, for the canapés she styled for a highly publicized Andy Warhol book launch party, where she, in partnership with Belle, created breathtaking canapés transforming Warhol’s iconic images into edible art.

Fritch’s face is no stranger to the New York City scene, having graced the Broadway Stage in Neil Simon’s highly acclaimed revival of “Barefoot in the Park.” She has also appeared as the spokesperson for several popular food companies in dozens of nationally televised commercials and has performed on stage and screen for the past 13 years. Erin is a graduate of New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts.

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