Wine Resolutions 2012

This month at Thirsty Girl our resolution to you, our loyal Thirsty Girls, is to provide insightful wine knowledge and save you a pretty penny. Drinking well, inexpensively is our resolution.

As we head to Boston for the Boston Wine Expo, Boston TG, Meghan Malloy writer of Travel, Wine, Dine shares her “Wine Resolutions” for 2012. Share your wine-solutions by commenting below. Cheers!

It’s that time of year again, time to resolve to cut back on calories, save money, get to the gym more, and organize …

We all know that resolutions that involve drastic and sudden life changes can be hard to keep, not to mention not-so-exciting. Why not resolve to add a little more fun to life in addition to all of those serious changes?

My number one resolution for 2012 is to collect and sip on more sparkling wine of all types. Sure, I love a slightly chilled white (especially Viognier) or a peppery Syrah (among many others…) but I love bubbly the most, and it’s the wine I own the least of. In my opinion I buy it to consume for an occasion or a meal, but I never keep more than a few bottles on hand at once, a stark contrast to our full racks of red.

It’s time for that to change.

I love a good celebration; there’s no need to have a special occasion to pop the cork, and having bottles in a variety of price ranges is something I have already gotten started on, and it’s only 10 days into 2012. I want to be able to pull a reasonably priced Cava to open with Indian takeout on a Wednesday night and to have a slightly fancier bottle to crack open if some sort of good news comes our way.

There is a bubbly for every occasion.

Number two resolution. buy more wine and not break the bank. Explore a little. Poke around in different regions, stores, and websites. I know from visiting Prague that I enjoy a cold flute of Bohemia Sekt, and being fortunate enough to attend an Austrian wine tasting gave me my love of Szigeti Grüner Veltliner Brut. I am also loving Cremant de Bourgogne as an addition to our collection; there’s more to French bubbly than just Champagne (which I adore, of course)!  And from Massachusetts to Sonoma, we have plenty of delicious domestic sparklers of all sorts. Favorites of mine include Gloria Ferrer, Gruet, Schramsberg, and Westport Rivers.

The choices are many, and stepping outside your comfort zone can not only help you learn about new regions and expand your palate but might also just save you some money.

The only rule to my wine resolutions? Make sure that your wine resolution bring a little extra sparkle to your life, no pressure, no need to have to like something just because.

I hope you will all have many reasons to celebrate in 2012, along with lots of joyful day-to-day moments that cause you to pause, smile, and sip something bubbly … or whatever you prefer in your glass.

Meghan Malloy
is the food, travel, and wine blogger behind Travel, Wine, and Dine and Marketing Consultant/Owner at Pop! Marketing Communications. She lives in Boston but is constantly looking forward to the next travel adventure.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Cheers to more bubbly in 2012!

  2. Great post Meghan! I am the same way, I always tend to buy the bubbly to celebrate but never keep it on hand! I think this is a resolution I can get behind!

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