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Thirstygirls Leslie Sbrocco & Gail Spangler

Thirstygirls Leslie Sbrocco & Gail Spangler

Thirsty Girl® (TG) is a FREE  member-driven community that brings together women who are passionate about wine, food, travel, libations and fun.

Co-Founded by two dynamic women – Emmy award-winning  television host and author, Leslie Sbrocco, and marketing and business pro Gail Spangler, the goal of Thirsty Girl is to bring women together as they follow their passions and explore their dreams. As a nationally-recognized wine expert, Leslie has spent more than a decade in her dream job — getting paid to eat and drink around the world. On her journeys she discovered there are hundreds of thousands of Thirsty Girls who want to connect with others online and off about their interests; be it family, career, charity work or simply finding a great Chardonnay.

In 2009 Leslie and long-time business partner, Gail Spangler, assembled a virtual A-list team of women and launched Thirsty Girl with aim to grow the Thirsty Girl community into one of the largest women’s networks around the country. With a roster of national Thirsty Girl Live! events, a content-driven website, Thirsty Girl products, rewards program and contests, Thirsty Girl helps inspire women to be their best and remember to live life to the fullest. Women of all ages around the country are proudly proclaiming, “I’m a Thirsty Girl” as they laugh, learn and share a glass or two together online and off.

Follow us via our website, Facebook and Twitter to find out more. Our Thirsty Girl motto is “Life. Drink it Up!”

For more information related to the Thirsty Girl and/or Leslie Sbrocco brand, contact: Leslie Sbrocco, C0-founder, Thirsty Girl, LLC, email leslie@nulllesliesbrocco.com.